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  • 9/12-14/14 - Creating a Behavior Team for Every Practice. The SVBT/AVBT 2014 CE Conference in Vegas
  • 7/23/14 AVBT will administer the VTS exam in Denver
  • 8/5/12 – AVBT Names two new Veterinary Technician Specialists in Behavior. Congratulations to the newest members of the academy: Amanda Eick-Miller and Melissa Spooner and to Honorary VTS (Behavior) Donna Dyer!
  • 8/1/12 – Congratulations to the newest members of the SVBT Board of Directors: Julie Shaw and Shannon Coyner.
  • Elections are going on NOW for the Board of Directors.

    Please complete the form by June 1 and mail your ballot to:
    Shannon Trouba, LVT
    11319 Northridge Circle
    Gretna, Nebraska
    or email your votes to pastpresident@svbt.org


    President Elect Nominee
    Julie Shaw

    My name is Julie Shaw, and I would like to be considered as a nominee for president elect of SVBT.

    I was one of the founding members of SVBT and AVBT. After being a veterinary technician and dog trainer in private practice for 17 years, I became the senior animal behavior technologist at Purdue University’s Animal Behavior Clinic in 1999 under Dr. Andrew Luescher. I am also on both the Karen Pryor Academy faculty and Clicker Expo faculty. I have been the behavior section editor for Veterinary Learning Systems for 5 years and have written many articles for the veterinary technician journal. I speak nationally and internationally to veterinarians and veterinary technicians and have received the speaker of the year award at both NAVC and WVC.

    When SVBT was created over 10 years ago, we were on the track of creating a veterinary technician specialty. We have successfully accomplished that task but I feel we may have forgotten the ultimate goal: the education of veterinary technicians in animal behavior. I feel strongly that a standardized behavior curriculum must be created and incorporated into all accredited veterinary technician programs and that veterinary technician students must be fostered and guided by SVBT.

    My ultimate goal is, through strategic planning and public relations, to grow the membership of SVBT to 800 members by the year 2015. My want is to impassion and educate veterinary technicians in the discipline of animal behavior and that is why I would like to go back to the beginning. SVBT is where I started and I believe it is where I am meant to be now. Sincerely, Julie Shaw, KPA-CTP, RVT, VTS-Behavior

    Member at Large Nominee:
    Shannon Coyner is an RVT in California, a CPDT- KA, and a KPA CTP. She is working toward her VTS-behavior and is currently doing an internship with a Veterinary Behaviorist. She is also the SVBT state rep. for California.

    Nominees needed.
    Write-in candidates can be proposed on your ballot.

    5/29/12 - Annual SVBT Reception is August 5th, 2012 at 6pm in San Diego. All are welcome!!

    5/29/12 - AVBT VTS Exam are August 1st, 2012