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The following is a list of current SVBT committees, current members on the committees and the purpose/goals for each committee.

Committees highlighted in red are currently in need of members.

If you are interested in participating on a committee or would like to submit questions or suggestions contact Kristen White, RVT

Committee Chairs are responsible for:

  • Contacting members to schedule committee meetings as needed
  • Creating meeting agendas to best complete the goals/purpose for the committees
  • Delegating tasks to committee members to best accomplish the goals and purpose of the committee
  • Sending a written report after each committee meeting to the SVBT president a minimum of 7 days before each executive board meeting
  • Sending a committee progress report to the SVBT president a minimum of 7 days before each executive board meeting
Purpose Goals

Newsletter committee:
Newsletter Editor

Publish the quarterly newsletter to arrive the first weeks of January, April, July, October

 Submission deadlines: November 1, February 1, May 1, August 1


The chairman will:

         Maintain contact information for state representatives.
Contact state representatives on a quarterly basis to keep informed of their proceedings and to offer assistance if necessary.

         Contact committee members quarterly to facilitate committee goals

         Actively recruit committee members from un-represented states

Members of the committee will:

         Solicit and write articles regarding behavior news of their state to be submitted to newsletter/publication committee on a quarterly basis.

         Submit SVBT news release supplied by PR committee to State newsletters

         Watch/report behavior news in their state

         Supply SVBT brochures at annual state meetings

         Develop outreach programs in cooperation with PR committee

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Purpose Goals

Finance committee:
President Elect - Chair  

To propose a budget for each fiscal year to recommend to the Board of Directors.

         Meet minimum twice yearly, initially to create budget and then review the created budget for possible changes in approximately February

         Submit budget proposal for upcoming fiscal year to Board by March 1st

Internet committee:
Tara Lang (web page)
Linda Campbell (Forum)
Ginny Price (Forum)


To coordinate the listserv and website, adding new information as needed and monitoring member’s access to the information.






Public Relations committee:
***Members Needed***
Kara Burns
Lynn Lower
Sherrie Yuschak
Marcia Ritchie





         To promote the profession of veterinary technology.

         To promote SVBT.

         To develop programs for presentation to other professional groups and to the public at the direction of the Board of Directors.

         Promote SVBT to the public and veterinary professions

         Create News Release to be used by state reps in newsletters and in other situations as needed.



         Develop presentational programs for public presentations

         Create SVBT/behavior promotional posters for veterinary technicians to use in veterinary clinics

         Develop press release for puppy classes for veterinary technicians to use

         Develop/modify SVBT promotional materials (e.g., brochures, stationery)

         Develop public speaking educational “kits” for SVBT members to use

         Create promotional SVBT Booth (coordinate with AVSAB)—Kim Clark & Donna Dyer

Continuing Education and Programs committee:
Ginny Price - Chair
Donna Dyer
Marcia Ritchie
Leanne Barker
Kara Burns


         To provide SVBT presence at selected CE meetings.

         To serve in an advisory capacity for proposed continuing education programs or veterinary technicians.

         Contact/establish relationship with state tech organizations, vet tech programs, major vet conferences to offer behavior track

         Develop speaker referral/resource list (Tara Lang volunteered for exotics/avian presentations)

Membership committee:
Coresponding Secretary - Chair
Members at Large

         Create membership drive strategies

         To promote membership in SVBT.

         To work in cooperation with the Board of Directors on all membership drives and activities of SVBT.

         To solicit student members from veterinary technician programs.

         Create a code of ethics

         Contact/email SVBT student members to encourage renewals post-graduation


Publications/Editorial committee:
Tara Lang – Chair
Amanda Eick-Miller

         To select topics from Veterinary Technician magazine list.

         Solicit articles from membership

         Edit submitted articles

         Provide necessary feedback to submitting authors

         Keep articles on file for future reference (time frame for how long on file?)

         Solicit articles for NAVTA journal

         Develop criteria for article submissions (i.e., outlines, etc.)






Scholarship committee:
Pam Mahlie - Chair
Cassandra Vong


         Review submitted articles and select winner

         Contact all submitting authors to notify outcome

         Develop SOP for scholarship article submission and deadlines

         Create topics for scholarship articles

Development Committee
Pam Mahlie - chair
Melissa Spooner - chair
Julie Urban
Kara Burns


Fundraising committee:
All Board of Directors

         Acquire/secure funds

         Seek, write and submit grants (i.e., scholarships for CE meetings, promotional educational material)

Specialty committee - AVBT
***Members Needed, see Accreditation Page***
Julie Shaw
Marcia Ritchie
Linda Campbell
Ginny Price

         Complete all steps for VTS –animal behavior accreditation

         Develop requirements for veterinary technician animal behavior internship

         Submit accreditation proposal to NAVTA

         Receive accreditation

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