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The benefits of a SVBT membership are:

  • An increased respect for veterinary technicians in the field of animal behavior
  • An avenue for meaningful dialogue amongst society members
  • Increased opportunities for communication between society members and other behavior professionals
  • A subscription to "The Behavior Perspective" newsletter containing up-to-date behavior information, client handouts, book and continuing education reviews, upcoming continuing education opportunities in animal behavior.  All past issues of the "The Behavior Perspective" will be available on the members only page.
  • Member discounts on SVBT supported continuing education opportunities, and printed material produced by SVBT.
  • Access to the SVBT, member's only pages

SVBT Membership is not intended to be an endorsement of your abilities as a technician and should not be used on business cards or in advertisements.

See Section 6. Advertisement:  of the By-Laws for Specifics.

*Membership year begins and ends on December 31st.

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Comment from Member

...In general, I appreciate the incredible resource that this group and listserv affords me.  In my situation, I am the person that the vets come to for guidance with behavioral issues.  Although I take this charge seriously, I am very well aware of the limitations of my position.  Our average client will not take their behavior issues to the animal behaviorist (cost, inconvenience, etc.) They rely on the veterinarian for diagnosis and me for help with the recommended protocol for behavior modification and training. I do my best to end their frustration and insure that their pets will be the best LIFELONG companion that they can be.  I have built a library of books, pamphlets, videos and various resources to help me but, by and large, this society is my most valuable resource.

Thank you again,
Lisa Berkenstock

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