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Building the Veterinary Behavior Team:  The Basics
Society of Veterinary Behavior Technicians (2006)
Booklet for veterinary team members.  See Table of Contents.  Buy Now!
Culture Clash
Jean Donaldson (1996) Berkeley, CA: James & Kenneth Publishers.
The best dog philosophy and training book I have ever read. This book will change how you communicate with your dog forever. If I chose one book for veterinary professionals and owners to read, it would be this book.

Excel-erated Learning
Pamela Reid (1996). Oakland, CA: James & Kenneth Publishers. This book is great for understanding learning theory. This book will help you to understand the vocabulary behind the science of learning.

Don't Shoot the Dog: The New Art of Teaching and Training
Karen Pryor (1984) New York: Bantam Books. Operant Conditioning in everyday life. Learn to use these principles on your dog, your child, spouse, boss, etc. This is the clicker "bible." A must read for the newbie clicker trainer and for the more experienced. While this book does not focus on dog training it explains operant conditioning as it pertains to all training. It is easy to read, without lots of jargon, and has real life examples thrown in that I feel gives the book perspective.

Dogs are From Neptune
Jean Donaldson (1998). Montreal, Quebec: Lasar Multimedia Productions Inc. Discusses treatments for behavior problems, a follow-up to Culture Clash.

Calming Signals
Turrid Rugaas Learn to understand what dogs are trying to say to us with their bodies.

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Dog Language: An Encyclopedia of Canine Behavior
Roger Abrantes (1997). Naperville, Illinois: Wakan Tanka Pulishers. The best book on dog communication.

Clicker Training for Dogs
Karen Pryor (1999). Waltham, MA: Sunshine Books, Inc. This is the best book to get you started. It may also be purchased with a clicker. This book was previously knows as A Dog and A Dolphin 2.0.

Clicker Fun: Dog Tricks & Games
Debra Jones, Phd (1998). A useful source for teaching tricks.

Clicker Training for Obedience
Morgan Spector (1999). Waltham, MA: Sunshine Books, Inc. This book is a must once you have learned clicker training and want to take it one step further.

Clicker Training Your Horse
Alexandra Kurland (1999). Waltham, MA: Sunshine Books, Inc. Alexandra broke new ground in the horse world with this book. If you are a horse person, get this book.

The Toolbox: for Remodeling Your Problem Dog
Terry Ryan (1998) New York, NY Howell Book House.

Games People Play (vol 1 & 2)
Terry Ryan (1996). Pullman, WA: Legacy by Mail. Great class game ideas. Everything from musical chairs to tic tac toe!

Teaching Clicker Classes
Debra Jones, Phd (1996) Published by Deb Jones. My classes were originally developed from this book.

Perfect Puppy
Gwen Bailey (1995).Pleasantville, NY: The Reader's Digest Association, Inc. The best puppy book in print.

Dog Behavior and Training: Veterinary Advice for Owners
Ackerman, Lowell (Editor) (1996) Neptune City, NJ: TFH Publications, Inc.

Lads before the Wind
Karen Pryor (1975). North Bend, WA: Sunshine Books. The "queen" of clicker training explains the use of operant conditioning in an entertaining style.

On Behavior
Karen Pryor, (1995). North Bend, WA: Sunshine Books. For the advanced student of behavior. Excerpts from Ms. Pryor's many publications with commentary about the effects of that work. An enjoyable read.

How Dogs Learn
Burch and Bailey (2000) This is a must have book. It is a combination Culture Clash and Excelerated Learning style of book.

Perfect Puppy: How to Choose a Dog by Its Behavior
Benjamin Hart, D.V.M., Lynette A. Hart (1997 - ninth printing), W.H. Freeman and Company. The first "buyers guide" for choosing the appropriate breed.

The Right Dog For You: Choosing a Breed That Matches Your Personality, Family and Life-style
Daniel F. Tortora, Ph.D. (1980) Fireside - Simon and Schuster, Inc. Excellent for pre-purchase counseling.

Your Purebred Puppy: A Buyers Guide
Michele Lowell (1990 )Canada, Fitzhenry & Whiteside Excellent for pre-purchase counseling.

Genetics and the Social Behavior of the Dog
John Paul Scott and John L. Fuller (1965) Chicago, IL The University of Chicago Press

The Domestic Dog: its evolution, behavior and interactions with people
Edited by James Serpell (1995) Cambridge University Press

Handbook of Applied Dog Behavior and Training Vol. 1: Adpatation and Learning
Steven R. Lindsay (2000) Iowa State University Press

Behavior of the Domestic Cat

The Domestic Cat: the biology of its behavior
Edited by Dennis C. Turner and Patrick Bateson (1988) Cambridge University Press

Video Tapes
"Clicker Magic" - Karen Pryor
"Take a Bow...Wow!" - Broitman & Lippman
"Click and Treat Training Kit" - Gary Wilkes


Buy using our link to Amazon and SVBT gets 10%

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